Sunday, April 28, 2013

WEM Waterpark

This morning we got to go to West Edmonton Mall and got to go to the Waterpark with my school

 this is my little cousin ally
 this is my littlest cousin sydney
I am in the wave pool
 this is both of my cousins and my uncle
 silly auntie
 this is me underwater
 look at all the bubbles
 this is me and my friend cera
 daddy and sydney
 look at the waves
 we are going to go under water
 look at the shower my brother's having
splash splash zach
we are tackling my daddy
 the waves are going
 uncle is chasing zach
 we are taking. me and cera
 look at my brother and cousin and dad
 oh uncle
 oh uncle
 this is me with my friends cera and ava
 we are swimming together
i am dunking

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Trip to Toronto and Ottawa

Here are some pictures of my trip to Toronto and Ottawa and Montreal.

this is baby bear on the airplane
  this is a picture of the picture that i coloured at lunch with my uncle rob
this is toronto
 this is the football stadium
 this is Toronto
  check out this video
 i'm outside the cn tower
 i'm falling into toronto
 zach is falling in toronto
 i'm flying
 this is me
 this is a picture of the sharks on the roof
 this is granny
 daddy's trying to lick mommy on the cheek. she is letting him.
 zachy is smiling
  mommy and grandpa
 this is a puzzle i found in the store
 this is the puzzle box
 this is a bear
 this is a toronto calender
 this is granny
 this was at breakfast.  this is uncle art
 this is my mommy
 this is auntie katherine
 daddy is silly
 grandpa is being silly
 i am in a picture with uncle art and auntie katherine
 this is granny and grandpa
 this is uncle art and auntie katherine. uncle art is being silly
 mommy is smiling. daddy is posing
 uncle art and auntie katherine
  grandpa swimming under the water
 daddy wearing my brothers goggles
 daddy is blowing bubbles
 abby with her goggles on. it has ariel on the side
 my brother is wearing his goggles
 daddy and zach under the water
 picture from under the water
 the boys under the water
 zachy is on daddy's back
 the boys on top of the water
 picture from under the water
 grandpa with zachy on his back
 abby swimming
 zachy and daddy. abby with one eye
 mommy and abby on top of the water
 daddy and zach under the water
 abby is swimming to her dad
 zachy is swimming. he is doing a very good job and he is just 4
 daddy swimming under the water
 abby is eating a shrimp at the manderin
 abby at the manderin
 abby, great grandad and great granny
 abby and great granny
 mommy and granny
 uncle richard and auntie heather and auntie diane
 daddy and grandpa smiling
 great granny and great grandad
 girls fun
 4 generations
 great granny and abby and zach and great grandad
 granny's brother uncle richard
 mommy and daddy are kissing
 auntie heather is laying on her mom and dad and boyfriend dan
 abby standing in front of the parliament buildings
 the senate
 these are signs on the door
abby in from of the parliament buildings